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BIDU EARNINGS 01-31-2011

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Here are some thoughts on BIDU and their earnings coming up Monday evening.  This is the Chinese google and they are a hot company.  Triple digit growth last year with plenty of upside potential.  NO more Google in China gave way to leave an monopoly backed by the communist government.  An upper management employee within the company made the comment at a party that BIDU will not continue to have the growth of last year.  Whether that will be true or not I do not know.  What I do know is they have a great balance, a fourth of the world’s population to advertise too, the backing of a biased government and new revenue streams to diversify their revenue streams.  I like them but I still don’t want to make a stock purchase without insurance.  The odds are 1 out of 3 that I can predict the correct direction that a stock will move.  Stocks move up, down or sideways.  I only make money as the stock goes up so I will add a long put option to protect my stock as seen in the image.  The long put option is the right to sell my stock at a certain price for a certain period of time.  I actually have two stocks on this screen  shot that show this example:

I purchased BIDU at $109.30 a share
I Bought to open a 105 Mar 11 Long put for $5.52
My new cost basis is the stock $109.30 plus the cost of the put $5.52= 114.82
Risk in the trade: 114.82 minus 105 ( right I have to sell the stock until the third Friday in March)=9.82

With a volatile stock I would much rather have $9.83 or 8.55% of the total invested capital at risk than the whole cost of the stock.  Who knows who the next Bear Stearns will be?!?!?!!!!!

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