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HI Financial Services Mid-Week 04-07-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 04-07-2015

Can the blind lead the blind? –Joe L.


I’ve gotten numerous questions on what I’ve been doing over the last three weeks?

I started to get scared!!  So I added Leap short calls to stock ownership positions

Then two weeks ago I added the full collar by adding ATM long puts

BUT then what have I been doing …….?


My answer was “went fishing” or nibbling in the stock market as stocks were falling

Sometimes you catch a little gain or a little fish while nibbling. 

 Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 10.42 PM


But I don’t trade for pennies I trade for Dollars !!!

I bought stocks and sometimes in couple hundred shares per account with money I had called away back in November. 

 Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 10.43 PM


Not only did I only get one above 32” but the next day ……?

 Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 10.43 PM 001



Stocks I nibbled on were

NVDA 21.09 & 20.90

F 15.90

DIS 104.46 & 104.99

V 65.50

AAPL 124

FB 84.60 & 83.00


OTHER than FB my nibbling has paid off.  What you don’t want is to get burned and find yourself in trouble with trying to pick bottoms so you only nibble into weakness.

 Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 10.44 PM

What’s happening this week and why?

ISM Index 56.5 vs est 56.9

Jolts 5.133 vs est 4.998

Consume Credit 15.5 B vs est 12.5 B


Where will our market end this week?

Nothing Matters tomorrow until after the FOMC Minutes are released

Wednesday AMC Alcoa reports (tradition start to earnings)




DJIA – Bearish


Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 03.46 PM

SPX – Undecided indicators are sitting on top of each other

 Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 03.47 PM


COMP – Bearish

 Screen Shot 04-07-15 at 03.47 PM 001


Where Will the SPX end April 2015?

04-07-2015          April will finish higher by 3% 2150 level


03-31-2015          April will finish higher by 3%



What is on tap for the rest of the week?=



Wed:          AA, BBBY, RAD, PIR, WDFC

Thur:         STZ, WBA

Fri:             TOL



Econ Reports:

Tues:           JOLTS Job Openings, Consumer Credit

Wed:          MBA, Crude, FOMC MInutes

Thur:         Initial Claims, Continuing Claims, Wholesale Inventories

Fri:              Import, Export, Treasury Budget




Tues –         JP: BOJ Announcement,

Wed –         DE: Manufacturing Orders

Thurs –       GB: BOE Announcement, DE: Industrial Production, CN: CPI, PPI

Friday –    

Sunday –   CN: Merchandise Trade, JP: BOJ Minutes, Machine Orders, PPI



How I am looking to trade? Let me Show you what I changed and why?

Most of my stocks are collared for earnings earnings:

I have some stock only positions –D,

I have Protective puts on AAPL, CLDX, LNCO, ZION, F

Still IN collars for – BIDU, FB, SNDK, DIS, V, WMA, SBUX,

Covered Calls on –P

Bull Puts –NVDA (22 to trade to expire worthless)



1st I am creating my earnings list so I don’t miss an earnings for a company I trade

WBA –        04/09 BMO

AA –           04/08 AMC

AAPL –       04/27 AMC

BABA –      05/06 est

BIDU –       04/23 est

CLDX –      04/30 est

D –              04/30 est

DIS –           05/05 AMC

F-                04/28 est

FB –            04/22 AMC

LNCO –      04/30 est

NVDA –      05/05 est

SNDK –      04/15 AMC

SBUX –       04/23 AMC

V –              04/30 AMC

VZ –            04/21 BMO


ZION –       04/20 AMC



KNOW where you are at, AT all times!!!!

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