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Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-12-21

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Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-12-21

Keve Bybee –


  • Earnings: Beat bottom line by $0.33, Beat revenue by $80M
  • Shares down 4%
  • Guidance was in line 4.7B – 5.2B. Apparently that is a bad thing?!?
  • The Steve Jobs idea of “lower” guidance is so you can beat expectations easier
  • Education companies have been receiving the communist party crack down
  • Chinese Tech companies stand to make the govt insiders more money
  • Less likely to regulate or bite the hand that feeds them

What is wrong with this market?

  • Market is at all time high
  • Tech stocks and other stocks (AAPL, BIDU, FB, V) have all had great earnings and have fallen down
  • As long as the govt is going to print $$$ and spend BILLIONS (infrastructure etc.) There’s a good chance our market will continue to go up.
  • On the next pull back money “SHOULD” go to the companies that have had great earnings and haven’t gone up or have been beaten up unnecessarily

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