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Trade Findings and Adjustments 07-22-21

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Trade Findings and Adjustments 07-22-21

Keve Bybee –

Lets check up on:

FSLR – We’ve seen a confirmed bounce on the 50 DMA and $80 support price.

  • Getting on a Leap Bull Call Calendar today
  • Jan 23 85 Strike Leap Long Call and Dec21 105 Short Call for about $12.50
  • Trying to get filled today and will look at it last hour to get it filled if it doesn’t in the meantime.

Why does Kevin hold so much cash in his account??

  • Because Dollar Cost Averaging is our friend and greatest ally in managing money in the stock market to be profitable.
  • OR you have to protect shares with puts so you can DCA without coming up with more money to do so if stocks fall.

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