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01 Feb HI Financial Services Commentary 01-30-2018

HI Financial Services Commentary 01-30-2018 You tube link:  https://youtu.be/aO_jjtxt1XE  What I want to talk about today? Let’s go over if the “style” of trading allows you to overcome days like Monday and Tuesday? Spread trader – can you adjust and do you have the mental fortitude to weather the storm? Stop losses...

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01 Nov HI Financial Services Commentary 10-31-2017

HI Financial Services Commentary 10-31-2017  You Tube Link:  https://youtu.be/lr8qjNqBcDQ What do you want to talk about today? Why we do what we do!!! Market Averages on Monday     What happening this week and why? PCE Prices .3 vs est .4 Core PCE .1 vs est .1 Personal Income .4 vs est .3 Personal Spending  1.0 vs est...

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25 Oct HI Financial Services Commentary 10-24-2017

 HI Financial Services Commentary 10-24-2017 You Tube Link to Watch the Video:  https://youtu.be/aXJGMT3Fkv8  What do you want to talk about today? Let’s talk about “trading” for just a minute – Thought? Trading is different than investing and it can be rolling the dice if you are looking for some quick money Trading...

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