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17 Mar HI Financial Services Mid-Week 03-17-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 03-17-2015 We had a booming stock market in 1929 and then went into the world's greatest depression. We have a booming stock market in 1999. Will the bubble somehow burst, and then we enter depression? Well, some things are not different. - Jeffrey Sachs   What...

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03 Mar HI Financial Services Mid-Week 03-03-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 03-03-2015 I used to go to Vegas and play the horses, and then I realized how ridiculous that was. There is no winning in gambling, but there is on the stock market. - Josh Brolin   Third time EVER the Nasdaq closed above 5000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prime Minister...

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10 Feb HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-10-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-10-2015 “Listen, Kevin. Every day, poo poo’s gonna hit the fan.  Stuff is gonna happen, and it’s gonna be bad.  You just don’t know when or how bad it is going to be.  But you have to put shutters on, set a goal, don’t...

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