20 Jun HI Financial Services Commentary 06-19-2018

HI Financial Services Commentary 06-19-2018  You Tube Video Link: Keve Bybee   What I want to talk about today?   How do I manage news driven reactions in the market? - Fear News: No number to price into the market, support and resistance - Fundamental news: what can we price into stocks? Earnings reports ...

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15 Feb HI Financial Services Commentary 02-13-2018

  HI Financial Services Commentary 02-13-2018   What I want to talk about today? What the “BLEEP” is going on in my markets today?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manipulation or Manipulated? Margin calls on the weighted or inverse ETF, Equities Weaker or stronger dollar vs more interest on the treasury bills, notes and bonds End of month...

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