22 Jul HI Financial Services Mid-Week 07-22-2014

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 07-22-2014 What's the difference between bottom-line and top-line growth? By Investopedia Staff A A A Related Searches: Accounting Terms, Accounting Terminology, Income Statement Example, Sample Income Statements, Income Statement Template A company's bottom line is its net income, or the "bottom" figure on a company's income statement. More specifically, the bottom line is a company's income after all expenseshave been deducted from revenues....

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15 Jul HI Financial Services Mid-Week 07-15-2014

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 07-15-2014 “Just wondering when we are going to have a 20% correction.  But, we still have stimulus in the system so I wouldn’t really expect a pullback until the beginning of next year. “  - Kevin Hurley   What has been happening so far this week?          ...

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