Market Overview

24 Feb HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-24-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-24-2015 The reality is that business and investment spending are the true leading indicators of the economy and the stock market. If you want to know where the stock market is headed, forget about consumer spending and retail sales figures. Look to business spending,...

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10 Feb HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-10-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-10-2015 “Listen, Kevin. Every day, poo poo’s gonna hit the fan.  Stuff is gonna happen, and it’s gonna be bad.  You just don’t know when or how bad it is going to be.  But you have to put shutters on, set a goal, don’t...

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03 Feb HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-03-2015

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-03-2015 Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us – Unknown Last week I was bragging about how well I protected my stock positions and how well I...

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