12 Sep HI Financial Services Commentary 09-11-2018

HI Financial Services Commentary 09-11-2018  YouTube Link: What I want to talk about today? Hello Everyone, Welcome to September and to the worst month historically in the market.  The market historically can be down 3-7% and usually rebounds towards the end of September slightly being down 0.5-2.8%.  This is a standard...

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29 Aug HI Financial Services Commentary 08-28-2018

HI Financial Services Commentary 08-28-2018  You Tube Link: What I want to talk about today? Let me tell you a story on how being a Registered Investment Advisor SUCKS!!! What is the most important part of being successful in the market => PATIENCE Being honest with oneself Exiting trades profitably...

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20 Aug HI Financial Services Commentary 08-14-2018

HI Financial Services Commentary 08-14-2018  You Tube Link: What I want to talk about today? Keve Bybee Headline news of Turkey problems What poses a problem for our banks? JPM, C, BAC? Europe Exposure? BBVA? Spain, Italy Tough for companies in Turkey to pay debt in dollar and euros. Bank of America...

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