Author: Kevin Hurley

12 Feb HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-11-2104

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 11-04-2014 When markets fall right now and fear overwhelms so many, opportunity abounds - Brian Wesbury    What has been happening so far this week?           Look at the bounce off of…umm…uh..15,375 on the DJIA and 1740 on the SPX?  Not really support levels.  Not really anything in all honesty.  There...

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05 Feb HI FInancial Services Mid-Week 02-04-2014

HI Financial Services Mid-Week 02-04-2014 Individuals who cannot master their emotions are ill-suited to profit from the investment process.- Benjamin Graham What has been happening so far this week? Another volatile week.  Let’s just say 3 weeks in a row.  Another 300 plus point drop on a Monday and I still hear economic reports...

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26 Jan Where will we end 2014 and how?

Where will we end 2014 and how? Every year I make goals for the year.  My goals start with a realistic understanding or expectation of where the market may go the following year.  I am not predicting the future.  I am not telling you an exact number. ...

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