Author: Kevin Hurley

07 Jun HI Financial Services Commentary 06-06-2017

HI Financial Services Commentary 06-06-2017  You Tube Link: What will happen to the typical June Swoon this year? I’m in financials just like Soros, waiting for financial reformation Wait and see some kind of progress I’m going to go with a 2% to maybe 5% pullback F – Will they continue...

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04 May HI Financial Services Commentary 05-02-2017

 HI Financial Services Commentary 05-02-2017  Click on the link : Sometime the returns you want, earnings prove and that someone else needs just doesn’t happen. That Investing is gathering shares thru option protection without having to add more money to the account I subscribe to the Warren Buffet Idea of having...

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26 Apr HI Financial Services Commentary 04-25-2017

HI Financial Services Commentary 04-25-2017   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Insane = Via LA France Vote didn’t matter and real vote is on May7th Earnings inline but better than expected TOP Line revenue Tariff on Wood against Canada and he is still going to build the wall very soon   Tax Plan /...

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